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BASF, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Austria and the Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer (ISW) at the Technical University of Graz have joined forces to develop a new generation of engine coolants. The aim of the project is to minimise the risk of overheating in commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. “We can prolong the working life of engines by reducing the temperature of components that are subjected to high thermal and mechanical stress. We are therefore working together with our partners to develop a new engine coolant that transfers heat extremely effectively”, said Dr. Claudius Kormann, Innovation Manager at BASF.

Both of the companies participating in the project have years of experience with cooling systems and engine coolants. BASF has been involved with engine coolants for more 75 years, and its products marketed under the Glysantin® trademark are market leaders in Europe. MAN Nutzfahrzeuge will supply the engines for the forthcoming series of experiments, and the company intends to make use of the insights gained at the research stage in the development of new engines. The scientific partner ISW, which has been very active in researching into heat exchange processes involving engine coolants in recent years, is responsible for the experimental work and mathematical modelling. Experiments will be performed in a special apparatus that simulates the circulation of coolant and the transfer of heat in internal combustion engines. Trials will be performed in full-scale engines at a later date. The task will then be to adapt the new generation of coolants to suit different types of engines, and it is expected that they will be ready to be launched on the market in the near future. K+ViF GmbH Graz will administer this joint research project.

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