Top English: Molecular beacons–novel DNA probes for DNA/RNA/protein

May 5, 2002 by  

Dr. Weihong Tan
has developed a new molecular beacon for DNA hybridization studies at an interface. Molecular beacons are a new class of oligonucleotides that can report the presence of specific nucleic acids. Molecular beacons emit an intense fluorescent signal only when hybridized to their target molecules.

Here his research report:
We have designed a biotinylated ssDNA molecular beacon with tetramethylrhodamine as the fluorophore and DABCYL as the quencher. It can be immobilized onto a silica surface through biotin-avidin binding. The newly designed molecular beacons are intended for the development of ultrasensitive DNA sensors and for DNA molecular interaction studies at an interface. Recently, we have explored DNA/protein interaction studies with molecular beacons. It is expected that novel protein recognition mechanism will be developed for real time protein monitoring in living cells.



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